About Us

Our mission is to bring high-quality PPE masks and respirators to our fellow Americans as quickly as possible an effort to fight back against this global pandemic. We only import high quality of protective respirators and facemasks – including the critical KN95 facemasks required by our frontline medical experts working so hard to save the lives of those that have been impacted by this virus. Our facilities is ramping up production to produce millions of these specific types of masks each week and millions of disposable masks – Proteck Supplies continues to deliver on its commitment to protect the health and wellness of those that are at risk for infection.

On top of all of this, Proteck Supplies is looking to donate a portion of all proceeds to the medical clinics, healthcare offices, hospitals, and healthcare workers specifically that are out there on the frontline working tirelessly – 24/7 – to help us win the battle against COVID-19.

For more information and details about the specific products available from Proteck Supplies.  Again, we at Proteck Supplies are committed to using only high-quality components.  Our legendary reputation for the use of only high-quality components and the company’s adherent to the strict standards needed to produce these items speaks for itself.  You can contact us at (781) 437-7292 or at inquiry@protecksupplies.com.

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